How I Increased My Web Traffic By 80% in 20 Days

Hey! Are you wondering to get a huge amount of traffic to your website? Are you curious to explore the secret of increasing web traffic by 80% merely within 20 days?

This article will let you understand the in-depth strategies for the same. Your site will be getting an amazing amount of traffic shortly.

Website/ Blog development relates to a direct business only for your good sake. It is one of your digital storefronts without any need of the person to patronize the store.

Despite searching for the physical visitors, you are ready to invite the virtual ones having a keen interest in your stuff.

The purpose relates to selling several kinds of stuff or present informative content. The webmasters put their best efforts into making the site informative, profitable, and revenue-generating.

The site’s business depends upon the monetization techniques appearing over it. There exist several website monetization techniques paying well to the publishers.

Google AdSense is one of the best available site monetization options having the reliability of Google. Moreover, most of the webmasters prefer their earning by putting the affiliate links, and direct selling methods.

Every single approach requires traffic under the website. If the site receives a great amount of traffic, it will get a great ad impression and thereby the chances of getting clicks will be more.

Similarly, the site’s traffic will convert the visitors to click on the affiliate links and getting a good amount of sales. The situation will be similar in the case of direct selling of the stuff as well.

Ultimately, every single way of site monetization depends on the amount of traffic it is getting. There are several strategies for increasing website traffic by almost 80% in 20 days or less.

How I Increased My Web Traffic By 80% in 20 Days:

The article hereby mentions my own practical strategies to achieve this goal. The following points mention the art of driving a great amount of traffic to your new site in less than 20 days:-

  1. The Upside Down Guest Post Strategy:

Your approach should be smarter while writing a guest post in the reputed sites. No matter how much is the site’s DA and PA, the strategy which works is your idealistic overview for the same.

It is really unfortunate but it happens that the readers ignore the ‘author bio’ section. It contains the link to your site. In such a case, the majority of readers will never reach your site.

The below-listed ‘Upside Down Guest Post’ strategy works as the best remedy for the same:

  • Write a guest post for your selected site.
  • Must include a section ‘Helpful Resources’ all over the post.
  • Among the resources include the link of your site or blog post as one of such resources.

In comparison to the author’s bio’s link, this can drive 80% more traffic to your website.

  1. Upgrading and Overhauling the Previous Blog Posts:

It is better to upgrade the previous blog posts with new information. Most of the time, we get a consistent update of specific things.

A blog with outdated information will never work in this case. People will start ignoring your blog post.  You must upgrade the information by putting newer images, screenshots, and texts.

You will be getting an enormous amount of traffic in comparison to the earlier blog post.

  1. Utilizing ‘Click to Tweet’ links for more shares:

In comparison to the normal shares, the year 2019 is expecting something different for a decent amount of traffic. The famous bloggers and digital marketers are utilizing this option for an enormous amount of traffic within a few days. Everything happens because of exceptional social media shares.

  • Just find something tweetable inside your content. This can be any quote, strategy, statistic, a bit of content, or something other.
  • You have to create a ‘Click to Tweet’ link for proceeding forward. Go through ‘’ and write down your tweet.
  • The tool will be generating a special link for you to go ahead.
  • Finally, proceed to include that link inside the content.
  • Whenever any visitor clicks on the given link, they will be getting a well-prepared tweet for easy sharing.

This strategy works for driving lakhs of traffic to your blog within the shortest period.

  1. Optimizing the content with LSI keywords:

Despite the occurrence of several strategies for driving website traffic, SEO persists and people rely on it. Soon after the introduction of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, LSI keywords became the top priority of the bloggers.

LSI keywords are closely related to the target keyword inside the blog post. For example, if you write something about social media, you will be using the LSI keywords for the same. They may include words like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook page, Viral content, etc.

Google will admire it while the crawling post and understand that the post is here for social media.

One of the famous tools to find LSI keywords is ‘LSI Graph’. It will list several LSI keywords based on the target keyword. You can use them inside your post for ranking and driving web traffic within the shortest period.

  1. Practicing Content Transformation Strategy:

You must never be dependent on the traditional SEO strategies from 2019 onwards. Among the list of billions of websites on the internet, you will have to do something different to get ranking in Google.

Content transformation strategy works best for driving an enormous amount of traffic to your blog. For the same, you just need to convert the blog post into another acceptable format.

Just go ahead in converting your post with infographics, e-book, podcast, videos, or any other thing. As per the statements of globally-renowned bloggers and digital marketers, this strategy works with the best outputs.

Such formats including videos and e-books can drive millions of traffic to your blog as never before. Moreover, your blog looks professional and highly appealing.

  1. Experiencing the blogger outreach strategy:

This is another exploring strategy for driving traffic to your blog in no time. You just need to find some influential bloggers and request them to promote your stuff via tweets or something other. But, never enforce them to do so. If they will find it sharable, you will get the benefit.

Just proceed to send them a non-pushy e-mail requesting your issue. You should include the content on your topic while approaching the particular individual.

The strategy is admirable and works the best for increasing the blog traffic almost by 80% in less than 20 days interval.

  1. Sharing the videos on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is consistently growing as one of the famous professional networking platforms.

After embedding the videos to your blog posts, never miss the strategy to most them on this platform as well. Based on your connections, you will be getting the views based on the video content.

Moreover, the video will get an enormous amount of shares in the news feed of several individuals. You will be getting an opportunity for connection with the renowned figures including the entrepreneurs.

You will feel happy to get tons of traffic to your blog with this strategy. Also, keep on trying this technique on the other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  1. Giveaway Contest Hosting:

You should never hesitate to host giveaway content for your blog readers. Ask your readers to enter their e-mail address for entering into the contest.

After this, you should add those e-mails to your e-mail list. Just incentivize them to share the contest among their friends and relatives.

Concerning to the giveaway, all those people will start visiting your site resulting in an enormous increase in the site traffic. More traffic will possibly turn-out the best conversion rates. You should never ignore this specific website traffic driving strategy to feel the difference.

  1. Reducing the bounce rates:

The bounce rates affect the website traffic in several aspects. The bounce rate refers to the amount of time spent by the visitors on your site’s blog post.

You must create engaging content as per the user’s interest. Instead of simply putting the irritating ads, just focus on presenting the worthy information.

Apply the strategies of doing internal linking so that the users keep on visiting your blog posts. The successful implementation of this act will drive enormous traffic within a small duration.

  1. Publish the longer form contents:

Google prefers to rank the longer contents in comparison to the shorter ones. While creating a blog post, always prefer to create longer contents ranging in the word counts of 3000 or above.

Proceed towards applying the best SEO strategies, link the contents, and make them easily readable. You will find that the blog achieves a great amount of traffic.


Concerning the above information, there exist worthy web traffic driving strategies for the good sake of your blog. Google’s algorithm is consistently changing and it is our responsibility to remain updated with the same. Just apply these techniques and feel the difference. You will be successful in increasing the website traffic almost by 80% in 20 days or less.

Pankaj Chaudhary
I am Pankaj Chaudhary, the founder of Dropped Web. I started this blog in 2018, as a resource to help motivate and inspire others to improve their own lives, generate passive income and live a laptop lifestyle on their own terms.

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