Earn Money from Micro Niche Blogging [Full Guide]


If you are a blogger then you may have heard the term micro niche blogging very often. You may also have heard that by making a micro niche blog you can earn a lot of money in a short time. Now here the question arises, What is this micro niche blogging, How to create a micro niche blog and How to earn money from it.

In this post I will be giving you all the information about micro niche blogging, so make sure to read this post carefully till the end. I hope After reading this you will clear all your doubts about micro niche blogging.

What is Micro Niche Blogging ?

If we create a blog on any particular topic, then we can call it a niche blog. For example, if you create a health blog and publish only health related content, then we can call it health niche blog.

But in micro niche blogging, you have to create a blog on a micro topic inside your main topic. Such as weight loss, best hosting provider, etc. The micro blog is based on one particular keyword. To create a micro blog, you have to find a keyword that has a lot of search volume, and then you have to write about 10 to 25 posts related to that keyword.

Types of Micro Blog ?

There are two types of Micro Blog, they are categorized on the basis by on how you earn from them.

The first types of micro blogs are made for earning from Ad Networks like  AdSense, media.net, propeller ads or any other ad network. For this, such a keyword is selected which can be used to get a lot of traffic on the website. Other types of micro blogs are designed to sell affiliate marketing or a product. Here we find such keywords, where the competition is low and the traffic is fine.

Earning can be made through both types of micro-blogs. For this you just have to choose a right keyword. So now let’s understand how to make micro niche blog.

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How To Create A Micro Niche Blog ?

As we known by now, to create a micro niche blog, we have to find the most important keyword. So first you have to do keyword research. After that there you need to buy a domain, choose a platform for blog, setup a blog and write article. Let’s understand all of that in detail.

Keyword Research

To create a Micro Blog, you should first do a proper keyword research, and you should find a keyword which would allow you to create a good micro niche blog.

Before creating Micro Niche site, you have to determine how you want to earn that money, if you want to earn from AdSense, then you should choose a keyword with a lot of traffic. And if you want to do affiliate marketing or sell products or service, you can also choose a with any amount of traffic, but here the competition of keyword should be low.

The free Google Keyword Planner or the paid tool Ahrefs is the most amazing tool to do keyword research for Micro Niche Blog. You can use it to get a lot of data about a particular keyword.

Apart from this, if you are creating a micro niche blog for affiliate marketing, then you may want to search search the keywords on shopping eCommerce sites.

Choosing A Domain

Now after finally getting ideas and keywords to create a micro niche blog, then the second step is to purchase a domain name. You should choose a domain for your blog that is more similar to your main keyword or your topic.

To buy a domain, you can choose bluehost.

Creating The Blog

After buying the domain you will have to create a blog for it. For this,  WordPress is the best option. You can make a stunning blog just by investing a little sum of money.

To create WordPress blog you first have to buy hosting.

Recommend Hosting [BLUEHOST]: Perfect for new bloggers looking for cheap hosting. Click here and take advantage of the discounted $2.95 a month hosting. This is a SPECIAL deal I have managed to secure for my readers ONLY!

If you want to create a free blog (which I don’t recommend) then you can create a blog on blogspot. But you will get limited features, which can cause you trouble later on running your micro blog.

Create Content

Now we come to the most important part, creating content. 

After setting up the blog, you have to start creating “Quality” content. Here you can have 10 to 25 articles, 5 to 10 videos and some info graphic. A lot of content is not required for your micro blog. 

You can have 5 to 10 How to Guide and Tutorial Articles. You can also write 8-10 product reviews.

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How To Bring Traffic To A Micro Niche Site

1. Submit On Search Engine

After creating content, you must submit your blog to all the search engines with its site map. You submit it to google, bing and all other search engines.

2. Create Social Media Pages

Social media is the biggest way to promote any blog. That’s why you should make pages of your blog on all social networking sites. 

3. Link Building

Micro niche blogs require a lot of high authority to get a ranking on the search engine. For this, it is important to make enough backlinks for your blog. To create Backlinks, start with guest posting. Search blogs related to your blog, where you get an opportunity to post as a guest. Then start commenting on all the good blogs related to your micro niche, so that you can get no follow and do follow backlinks.

4. Promote on Q & A Sites and Forum

It takes time to get organic traffic from Search Engine to your blog, so you should promote it as much as possible to get traffic. There’s a good way to find targeted audiences for any blog is to answer question and interact with other users on Q & A Sites and Forum. You can join sites like Quora and start answering questions related to your niche related and and then inserting a link of your blog in the answer.

Micro Niche Blogging FAQ

1. How much does it cost to create a Micro Niche Blog?

Ans: If you creating it on blogger, you get the cost of the domain name which is around $5, and if you create it on WordPress, then you get the cost of domain + hosting and in some cases also the theme which could lead to $50 to $60.

2. What is the difference between Micro Niche Blogging from Regular Blogging?

Ans: In Regular Blogging or Niche Blogging you have vast topics on which you can write. But in micro niche blogging you have to write on a particualr keyword or topic.

3. What is the best topics for Micro Niche Blogging ?

Ans: Well all the topics are best, but if you want to earn more then you should choose a topic on which you can easily get a lot of traffic. Such as yoga for weight loss, weight loss tips, gym diet plans, etc

Final Conclusion

If you want to earn more by doing a lot less work then micro niche blogging is the best thing for you. You will find some topics where you don’t need a lot of traffic and but earn a lot of money. 

So I hope you found this article helpful. If you liked it please share it on your social media handles and feel free to comment below if have have any doubt or just wanna say Hi ?

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